Tap the insights of the people you serve.
Loup’s services make it easy for your organization to gather, understand, and act on feedback — transforming it into stronger relationships, strategies, and solutions.

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About Us

Loup is a boutique design thinking consultancy that helps organizations tap the insights and and experiences of the people they serve. Our unique mix of research, analysis, and training and facilitation helps organizations transform feedback into powerful narratives, insights, and action. This helps our clients better communicate results, improve programs and services, and build stronger relationships with the people they care about most.

We are:

Christine Prefontaine, Co-Founder
Human-Centered Design Facilitation & Training; Design Research; Strategy & Leadership

With 17 years of experience in international development — mostly in ICTD, health, governance, civil society development, and private sector development — Christine is a multidisciplinary leader working at the intersection of human-centered design, research, facilitation, and capacity-building. Prior to founding Loup, Christine spent two years working with the World Bank Group, serving as an HCD advisor for the IFC’s Gender Secretariat, providing research and open innovation advisory services for the World Bank Innovation Labs, and supporting diverse Leadership & Learning initiatives. Working with the Mozilla Foundation, Christine co-invented, an open research methodology that powers organizational engagement and feedback loops, informing innovation and learning over the long term. Christine is trained in public communication, has long been obsessed with good design and participatory approaches, and seeks to cultivate empathy and unpack assumptions in all of her work.

Matt Thompson, Co-Founder
Open Innovation; Agile Collaboration; Human-Centered Project Management

Matt is a former Senior Director at the Mozilla Foundation, makers of the open source Firefox web browser and a global nonprofit dedicated to spreading digital opportunity. He’s also an agile coach and trainer, veteran project manager, and the author of the forthcoming book Working Open, a guidebook on open collaboration and community-driven innovation for nonprofits. He is the co-inventor of, an open source story-gathering and feedback loop platform initially developed for Mozilla’s global network of global digital activists and open innovators. Before joining Mozilla, Matt was a Webby Award-winning open internet activist at, and a journalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Alecia Kuhl
Project Management; Human Centered Design Facilitation & Training; Design Research

Alecia is a socially-focused and community-driven project leader with a commitment to social justice, personal ecology, and supporting healthy teams. With background in sustainable urban development, her past work focused on using participatory methods to engage the public in community planning and decision-making, as well as providing project management and operational support for transportation advocacy organizations. Alecia currently manages Mozilla’s project, facilitates design thinking workshops, and oversees Loup’s operations, business processes, and client services.

Heidi Rauch
Design Production; Product Strategy; Project Management; Subject-Matter Expert

Heidi has been a leader in social and entrepreneurship development for for two decades. Working with the Organization of American States, she designed and lead community-driven solutions for employability, urbanization, and technological literacy, with a focus on marginalized youth. She is also the founder of Belabumbum, a social enterprise that provides employment opportunities and micro-lending to small apparel manufacturers in Latin America, and co-author of Digital Opportunities: Innovative ICT Solutions for Youth Employment, written for the International Telecommunication Union.

Simon Emmanuel Roux  
Design Production; Product Strategy

Simon has been leading community-driven technology projects for the past 15 years. He co-directed strategy at Communautique, a nonprofit that helps vulnerable Canadians gain access to technology, and is the co-founder of the Caligram Co-op, an open source startup dedicated to gathering and structuring cities’ events information as a commons. He is the co-designer of Manivelle, an interactive digital signage startup for cultural institutions, and recently helped establish Canada’s first digital fabrication lab dedicated to sustainable development.