The Hive New York Learning Network: Reflecting on a decade of work, celebrating people and achievements, and envisioning what’s next.



In January 2018, the Mozilla Foundation shifted stewardship of the Hive NYC Learning Network to the Partnership for After School Education (PASE), as part of strategic shifts within the foundation. With funding from Mozilla, PASE is providing a platform of convenings and support for a year-long gradual and structured transition — ensuring that members have an opportunity to thoughtfully reflect on learnings to date and plan next steps.

As part of this, PASE is providing space for members to give input, envision, and decide what happens after this year. Should the Hive Network sunset now that Mozilla’s sponsorship has ended? Should it continue informally? Should members seek alternate sources to fund the network stewardship role?

It is within this context and with these questions in mind that the Loup is working with PASE and Hive members, supporting the network’s transition — whether those next steps lead to network’s closure or renewal. 

Your home base

Over the course of this engagement, this page will serve as a home base for project participants — bookmark it for reference! We’ll post key documents, dates, and communication channels here. Questions? Please contact us at


Hey... uh... so who is Loup anyway?


Ohai there. Welcome. Loup is a design thinking consultancy that helps organizations listen to the people they serve — and transform what they’re hearing into insights and action.

One of the ways we do this is through StoryEngine — an open methodology that can be used to conduct research, monitor or evaluate a program, surface learning, or facilitate grant reporting. StoryEngine is based on in-depth interviews that get transformed into stories. These stories are data as well as assets — for communications, advocacy, and more. Story collections form a dataset that can be analyzed to surface insights and inform strategy and design decisions.

As individuals we are Matt Thompson, Christine Prefontaine, and Chris Lawrence. All of us have histories with the Hive network and its work. Matt worked at Mozilla and much of his working open methodology permeates Hive practice, Christine interviewed many Hive members for the StoryEngine project (when it was with Mozilla), and Chris has been a network contributor for 10 years. And we care so much about open learning that it’s part of our manifesto!

Our big goal: Facilitate a process of collective reflection and ideation to support ongoing efforts to create transformational experiences for youth and the adults who serve them. 


What we’ll do together...

Celebrate Hive members and achievements — Celebrate Hive NYC network members, organizations, and achievements, while creating opportunities to reaffirm our shared purpose and strengthen connections.

Document and reflect on what we’ve created — Document the stories, resources, and assets generated by Hive members over the last 10 years. Reflect on what we’ve created together to surface learning and insights.

Generate ideas and recommendations — Surface ideas and recommendations around key questions: How we might best tell Hive NYC’s story? How will we make it easy for others to find and use what we’ve created? How might we build on this work in terms of themes, programmatic directions, and collaborations?

To do this, we will:

  • Produce 15 published long-form StoryEngine interviews with historically important Hive NYC network members (this builds on Mozilla Foundation investments made in advance of this engagement)

  • Engage network members to reflect and generate insights; this will take the form of an “Annotatathon” (hacking Hypothesis’s approach for our context) and facilitated community calls that draw on retrospectives / reflective learning practices

  • Facilitate a Hive NYC Design Lab on July 17 from 9:30AM to 1:00PM at PASE — this half-day network meetup to bring folks together face-to-face and generate ideas and recommendations

  • Generate prototypes of the most promising ideas to serve as evidence of the network’s impact and proofs-of-concept that can be tested in advance of future investments

  • Produce a report — based the above activities in terms of both content and format — that outlines what has emerged as ways to document and share network learnings and impacts, as well as recommendations for how others might build on this work


Here’s how you can join in...


StoryEngine interviews

We invite you to begin checking out the stories collected on Hive NYC digital learning practitioners. Originally collected for a broader Mozilla leadership network, these stories will form part of the dataset we’ll tap for this work..


Two Hive Annotatathons!

We’ll be using Hypothesis to run two Hive story annotation sprints. The first will run from from July 2–13, in advance of the Hive NYC Design Lab, and the second from July 23 to August 10. This deck contains all the info you need to join and connect with the annotation team — feedback welcome! 

First steps:  Sign up for a free Hypothesis account + Join the Hive group


July 17: The Hive NYC Design Lab

Mark your calendars! 9:30AM at PASE in NYC.

View the agenda + register via Eventbrite


The report


Yup. It will go here. And for sure it won’t be boring!